Linux & Open Source Deployment  
LINUX has been the toasts of many  conversations but few organisations have mastered its Deployment as we have. To experience the depth of our range of    Linux Services, Products, ERP & CRM Solutions.   
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Managment Reporting Solutions
This expertise we acquired rescuing our clients from a bad deal. Our clients were delivered with Systems and performance were promised but with no structured implementation and Customisation path defined. Our strength lies in our multifunctional team of software, financial, process & industry professionals who really are in a position to understand USER NEEDS and Design reports for routine management and Management by exception.                 Click your way to ahead...

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62, Alkapuri Society  
Vadodara - 390007 
Gujarat    (India)

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        +91 - 0265 - 2339254  
        +91 - 9824280168 

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We are pioneers in Linux and Open Source Solutions Deployment and Maintenance  technologies and have a proven track record of more than 5 years. We undertake software development (System/Application) and also provide services of Troubleshooting for many Software companies.


We have adopted the three - in - one approach to business to enjoy your patronage forever ...


Informatin System Audit           Our software and onsite project standards lended themselves to a wealth of procedures and methods to make Information System the best tool for Audit. Database Schema Design or Application Design Specification, Log creation and reporting, Exceptional data sorting and reporting etc are some of our key competencies.
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Oracle Database Maintence & Support Think of Database and We think of possibilities 

     Possibilities that can empower your
      managers with the desired online
      business processes, user based

     Possibilities that can create new
      business, niche products for your 

    Possibilities of disaster, loss of data  
      and confidentiality.  

We would be your organisationsí software arm who is committed to give you the most ROBUST Security and Dynamic Database solutions which leaves you focused towards your core competencies.

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